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Adam TruncaleI was born in Baytown, Texas to two wonderful parents that (I think) raised me the best parents can do. I graduated from East Texas Baptist University with a major in Computer Science and Business. I don't really know what God has planned for me in the future (no one can really guess) but I do know he has brought me through some hard times and forgiving me of some very stupid and impulsive mistakes. Some one asked me recently how do I really know God exists. I said to him, "If you want me to show you where in my life He has blessed me and guided me then I will. But If you can't see for yourself a difference in my life (because of him) then I haven't done Him justice." A good friend of mine always gives me this advice when I leave her in my car and I think it can apply to all life: "Be safe, make good choices and wear your seatbelt."