Bearskin Rug:

No this isn't a site to buy dead animal skins.  I came across this site one day while looking for sock-monkey related material.  I was making a movie... don't ask.  He is a very funny and talented artist, unlike me.  Check it out.


Great site with lots of free downloadable fonts.  I use this all the time when I am making flash stuff.  Great site with new fonts being added all the time.

Dynamic Drive:

This is a site I use to get CSS script ideas.  It has great code examples that anyone can easily tweak to fit into their web design.  Both of my menus on this site I modified from their site.  The main site also has dhtml and other good tools.


A wonderful FREE site of stock photos.  The best part is it is free. Has some really good photos that can be used royalty free.  All it takes is to sign up with a free account.  Users can also upload photos.  Did I mention it was free?




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