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A quick rundown of some of the technology I used here:

  • Lightbox 2.0 :  I used this to display images full-screen after the user has clicked on the thumbnail.

  • Flash 8 :  I used this to create the thumbnail images, the banner art and more.  I simply use it because I am the most comfortable with it.

  • Photoshop CS:  Helped in resizing and optimizing the photos.

  • Lytebox 3.2 :  I am looking at this as a substitute for Lightbox 2.0 because it can display html as well at pictures.  Maybe a contact form pop-up would be a good use of this.

Jan. 16, 2008



While looking for some where to practice my web skills I was browsing around on MySpace and found my friend Leno's site.  He had some of his paintings and drawing there and I thought what a great chance to make a portfolio site for him.  I am fleshing out some ideas with him at the moment.  See what it looks like so far [here].  It isn't close to being done yet, but you'll get the overall idea by looking at it.


Jan. 15, 2008

the art of leno




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