Houston Zoo

Apparently the Houston Zoo has a new baby giraffe.


So in honour of him/her here is some random giraffe facts:

  • Giraffa means "one who walks swiftly"

  • A giraffe has just 2 gaits: walking and galloping

  • Giraffes are nonterritorial and sociable. They live in loose, open herds.

  • Giraffes rarely lay down; they even sleep and give birth standing up.

  • The giraffe is the worlds tallest animal.

  • Oxpecker birds like to help giraffes by eating bugs off their backs

  • A giraffe's toungue is black

  • Males and females tend to eat from different parts of a tree to ensure that the sexes do not compete for food.

  • There are many kinds of giraffes in the world : Kordofan Giraffe, Angolan Giraffe, southern Giraffe, Nigrian Giraffe, Reticulated Giraffe, Masai Giraffe and Rofts Giraffe.

  • Mankind has historically honored giraffes. Giraffes feature in African cave paintings and in ancient Egyptian art and designs.



Feb. 04, 2008

Project Updates

I added a new project Kimberly Truncale to the project section.  You can read more about it there.  I also temporarily removed the Alliance Bible Church prototype because I was having some issues with the menu.


Leno's Art project has been updated with a few more art pieces.  As far as design goes it is almost finished.  I have to add a contact form, a bio section (probably an iframe) and he wanted a music player - which will end up being Flash based.


Jan. 24, 2008

The Leno Project

While looking for some where to practice my web skills I was browsing around on MySpace and found my friend Leno's site.  He had some of his paintings and drawing there and I thought what a great chance to make a portfolio site for him.  I am fleshing out some ideas with him at the moment.  See what it looks like so far here.  It isn't close to being done yet, but you'll get the overall idea by looking at it.

:: All news pertaining to this project will be posted here in the projects section.

Jan. 15, 2008

Working on a New Project

I recently have been working on the new Alliance Bible Church website.  What I have posted is here.  The navigation at the top looks fine in IE and Fire Fox, but I am having issues with the look in Safari.  The table padding isn't right and makes it look sloppy.  Also enjoy that drop down menu it took hours for me to figure out how to make it work.  Then another hour tweaking it to satisfy my eye.


Oct. 23, 2007

Something You Might Like

I ran across a new game that I really enjoy playing.  It is called Voyage Century Online.  The game is set in the time of pirates and sailing ships.  It is an online game where you can build your own ship and sail around the world trading, exploring, fighting and plundering.  The best part of this game is that it is absolutely free!  The community in the game is rather large and seems to be growing everyday.  The download is over a 1gb but it is worth it. 

[Check it out]


Oct. 15, 2007

New and Improved, part 2

Ok I have finished updating almost everything.  I still have to finish the project section and fix the form for the contact page.  I am trying out a new dynamic [pagination] code I saw on the internet.  For demonstration purposes you'll see it at the bottom of this page.  Of course I'll probably display 5 or 6 different news sections at a time when I get more.


Check out the other style of pagination I am thinking about using [here].


On another topic I read a topic in a magazine about internet security and they gave some good downloads and information.  I thought I'd do the same and post it to this site.  Look for it in upcoming updates.


Oct. 14, 2007

New and Improved

New version of truncale.net is now up and running.  It isn't completely done as only a few links will work.  I usually don't put a site up until it is finished but I am trying to work out some bugs with the css code and blah blah blah... The resume links work as well the contact section.


Oct. 12, 2007

End of Posts

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