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I finished the random picture display using a simple Java script and an iFrame.  Right now there are only 21 pictures and many are not scaled properly.  Also when you click on the picture it displays the full image.


Jan. 29, 2008



The progress so far link has been reactivated.  I changed the look from the previous one, so you should really check it out.  The picture on the side will change randomly on each load; but right now it is static.


Jan. 28, 2008



The progress so far link has been temporarily been disabled because of some issues with browsers other then IE not showing everything correctly.  It should be fixed very soon.


Jan. 20, 2008



I made the current website a year or two ago in roughly 4 hours.  I was really just bored and the website before that didn't look attractive enough.  I have been working on the design for the new site awhile and I am still not satisfied.  Since there is a perfectly fine site up now there isn't much of a rush.


Jan. 15, 2008

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