Web Projects

Our Wedding Page

This site show cases pictures and give info for me and (my beautiful fiance) Melissa's wedding. All it uses is a lytebox and imagerotator. Very simple to make and update AFTER the wedding.

Truncale.net | V.14

This site is powered by CSS and the 960 grid system. I decided on this framework because it is much lighter then the other ones I've seen. I also implemented MooTools, JQuery, and LiteBox.

Truncale.net | V.13

This site is the last of the modular sites I constructed. It served its purpose of teaching me the power of CSS. I made many version of this site (very few of which I published) but, I have outgrown it.

Alliance Bible Church

A web site for the members of Alliance Bible Church in Baytown, Texas. I've included a CMS (Content Management System) to allow their administration to add sermons and update announcements.

Leno Tapia

While looking for some where to practice my web skills I was browsing around on MySpace and found my friend Leno's site. He had some of his paintings and drawing there and I thought what a great chance to make a portfolio site for him.

Kimberly Truncale

Kimberly is my sister and she is a singer and has been in many musicals. This site is planned to be a portfolio site for her, but could also contain a blog-type component.

Truncale.net | V.12

A redesign that I never really thought it was good enough. I have been using this as a building block for my future designs. Hopefully it will be modular enough to change designs on a whim... which I do often.

Truncale.net | V.11

I found a free stock image site one day and decided to design this web site around a series of pictures I found there. Also I made a drop down menu that worked pretty well. I used the same content as the Blue Web (V.10) below.

Truncale.net | V.10

This web site was a version that was my site for a few months while I was making the paisley (site before this one) site. I used Flash, two forms of CSS tables and for the first time ever an iFrame. I never expected this to be permanent, but it introduced me to some basic key concepts I still use today.

Truncale.net | V.09

This web site was an attempt to go back to a full Flash site. I quickly remembered why I ditched that idea long ago. I was too hard to work with and difficult to update. But I still really liked the graphics and stuff on this page. Maybe one day I'll make a html version of this page just for the fun of it.

Coding Projects

Lights Out (Flash)

My roommate in college introduced me to this game. I spent days figuring out the algorithms needed to solve it. I then quickly mocked up the first 25 levels in a flash game. I plan on coming back to this project and polishing it up.

Beep Timer (Flash)

I made this little program to help me in gaming in Eve Online. I use it so remind me to do something on screen that is monotonous (mining ore). I put in a time interval I want the program to beep and sit back and watch TV. I know this is a little nerdy, but get over it. Feel free to use it.

Turtle Art (Java)

A simple programming using turtle graphics that displays a randomly generated 'art' picture. The program has a variable to change the degree of rotation.

Turtle Spirograph (Java)

Another turtle graphics program that displays a graphic that mimics one of my childhood favorite toys, the spirograph. This program has a variable this will yield sup rising and unpredictable results.

Turtle Waterfall (Java)

One of my final turtle graphic programs. This one displays a waterfall-like image that is surprisingly nice looking. The variables in this one change the two colors that are displayed.

Air Defense (Java)

This is the last project my computer science class did for the year. The basic program is a turret on the ground shooting at blue squares before the reach the other side of the screen. This is my modification of the game using Japanese Zeros. Some of my students had variations included multiple size bullets, Mario Brothers themes, and Ghost Busters theme.

Tank Game (Java)

A simple game where you control a tank that moves on a grid to shoot the enemy 'blue block'. This helps to teach keyboard control, image rotation/manipulation and variable screen sizes... not to mention it is fun!

Turret Game (Java)

A variant on the Tank Game. In this game the tank stay fixed in the middle and player uses his mouse to control where the bullet goes. This teaches mouse control, angle/vector calculation and simple random AI.

Math Madness (Java)

All this really does is display a fractal, but it is so cool looking I had to add it here. It takes awhile to draw, but guessing it's shape is half the fun!

Gladiator (Java)

An old school text game I created in my spare time. It is terribly coded and comments are almost nonexistent, but it was a fun project me and a few of my students worked on. You play a gladiator and your goal is to level up and beat the arena champion. You can attack, block and rest. It might be fun to work on later and add some graphics and sound.

Fake Matrix (Java)

This is one of the first lesson I teach using simple animation. I have students create the program with out the animation 'for' loop and then add it later and make observations on the changes shown. It is suppose to look like the Matrix.

Creative Projects

Flash Art
photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo
Web Concept 3

This concept displays a static center with scrollable sides. I think this might be a good concept for an artist gallery/portfolio. This might become a re-design of Leno's site.

Web Concept 2

Another V.12 concept that I made only this time I didn't add any content. Nothing new here except a new color combination. CSS FTW!

Web Concept 1

I mocked up a quick redesign of V.12 using a different color scheme and banner graphics to test how modular my site is. It worked out really well. I like CSS!

Buttons, Menus and More

This is a collection of menus, buttons, and other misc. graphics I've worked on. Feel free to use any of them, and if you'd like some more details on anyone of them feel free to contact me

Alliance Bible | Tree Menu

This web site was a prototype version of an Alliance Bible Church web page. It was a full Flash site using an external text file and CSS style sheet. I scraped this idea because it would be too hard for anyone (besides me) to edit it.

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